Saturday, February 18, 2023

More 6mm SYW

As those who have been following the blog are aware I suffer from what I think is a common problem among miniature painters/gamers of always jumping from one project to the other. For example I have ACW armies in 6mm, 10mm and have now started a few in 15mm. My other big period has always been Seven Years War. I have arimes in 10mm that I am painting in 6mm Baccus and 6mm Adler and am now even building armies in 6mm but based differently. 

So let me explain a bit about how this came about. I was thinking last summer about what kind of SYW games I really wanted to play and came to the conclusion that I really wanted grand tactical or army type games. My 10mm and 6mm work for this but looking at the order of battle for Kolin or Molowitz I really needed a lot of figures. So I decided to change the basing and work on my own rules based around ESR and Volley and Bayonet. So in this case each 30mm base is a regiment. This lets me get armies done fast and maybe even at some point a big battle. I am still working on the rest of the 6mm and loving the 10mm, Pendraken figures are really nice, but it has been a joy to just churn regiments out. 

Here are a few pictures of a test game to illustrate what I am writing about:


James Fisher said...

Superb. You do such a good paint job of small-scale figures!
Regards, James

lekw said...

Thank you so much!!!