Friday, January 24, 2020

ACW in 6mm

I had a few free days, rare and far between, so was able to finish some more 6mm ACW. I put the completed forces on the table and snapped a few pictures. The terrain is a real mix but if I remember correctly most of the houses are timecast. I am toying with the idea of using 3mm terrain for the 6mm stuff but am not completely sold on it.

The figures are mostly all Adler except for the canon which are Baccus. The Adler canon is just to much of a pain to glue together. I gave up completely on gluing the carriages together and decided for sanity sake I will use Baccus for the guns and carriages. I am happy about how the ACW stuff came out so for now at least I am going with 6mm instead of 10mm but knowing me I will likely switch back at some point.