Sunday, September 15, 2019

A few more 6mm SYW Adler Prussians

This is the army so far on display. I want to used the Adler Austrians to build a Russian force to fight these guys since I already have French and Austrian Baccus figures. Unfortunately, Adler does not have a complete SYW range so proxies will have to do.

Monday, September 2, 2019

A few more 10mm Austrians

I was able to finish a bag of pendraken leftover APW Austrians this long weekend.  I decided to get out some terrain and snap a few pictures. The sheet is homemade and the terrain is timecast and some model railroad plastic kits. The train does not really fit the period but I like the way it looks. I considering scaling down to 6mm terrain with the 10mm stuff but whenever I compare the figures always seem to look better to me with 10mm terrain.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Summer painting

The craziness continues and after painting tons of 10mm American Civil War the last few years I have been spending the brief amount of painting time I have these days working on 6mm Adler figures for the same period. Rationally I know I should pick a scale and go with it but it is a hobby after all and I guess I can't say I do not paint what I want.

The Adler figures are generally a pain to clean up and base and every time I start painting a bunch of them I tell myself I should just go with baccus or 10mm but after I get them based up I can't help but love them. I have dreams of doing thousands of Napoleonics with them but know I will never have the time so I have tried to confine myself to the American Civil War and Seven Years War Prussians. Anyway here are a few pics of the summers painting. I may get a few more afternoons before the September madness begins so I hope to get the Prussians I have done on the blog soon.

Friday, February 1, 2019

6mm SYW Stuff

Today Adler Prussians from the Seven Years War range. I have a love hate relationship with Adler. The webpage and ordering method is a mess, the figures hard to base and keep from breaking especially the bayonets and the SYW range is not complete and as far as I can tell has no chance of being completed. But the figures!!! Wow I just love the way these guys look. And Leon is a fantastic person to order from just a great guy and complete pleasure to deal with. I am almost addicted to the figures and will probably be making due with the Austrians and Prussians in the SYW range for Russians and British as well. I think the figures speak for themselves:

Sunday, January 27, 2019

An update 6mm ACW

I had a few light weeks and was able to get some painting done. My endless quest for finding a scale and figure range of ACW I want to work on continues. This time I painted some more 6mm Adler figures. These are really nice and I keep coming back to them. I am not sure if I will do more or stick with the 10mm stuff but they were a lot of fun to paint.