Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Summer Stuff and Future of the Blog

Well the annual summer post is upon us. It seems that one post a year seems to be about what the blog has come to. I still paint now and again the problem is that life has really gotten in the way. The few free hours I have to concentrate on the hobby is usually spent painting. Even worse from September to June I am more or less swamped so very little of anything miniature related goes on. 
If this is going to be the situation is the blog still useful or interesting? I don't update but I still like the fact that this serves as a place to post my work. Basically I have to consider if I should keep or take down the blog.

Okay rambling thoughts aside now its time for the fun part the miniatures. I have been doing a lot of American stuff mostly Civil War and some American Revolution both in 10mm. The Civil War stuff is mostly the fantastic Cracker Line miniatures which are works of art with some Pendraken thrown in. The AWI is the gorgeous Pendraken line. Unfortunately, my poor painting skills do not do these figures justice.