Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer Project at an End

I have more or less finished the summer project. The objective was to get some starter American Civil War figures and terrain done and I have accomplished that. Other than a few odds and ends the packs I purchased from Pendraken are painted and based. So what's next? Well I am not sure. I want to expand on these but time will become much more limited as we move into the fall. Overall, these are very nice figures and now that I have them painted and based I really am enjoying them. A few pictures of the completed starter forces:

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer Project: An end in sight?

It has taken me longer than anticipated but I am almost finished with the starter forces I purchased for the American Civil War. This was meant as a summer project and with August quickly slipping away I guess I am going at the correct pace. I painted the confederate cavalry pack and some civilians yesterday and am in the initial stages of getting the bases done. These are fantastic figures and were a lot of fun to paint.

The cavalry and civilians on the painting sticks.

Basing step one. Hopefully will get them finished by tomorrow.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Summer Project: Roads?

I usually draw roads into my ground sheet or use sand/flock to represent them. However, this is time consuming and a pain to clean up. In the case of the sheet I have to wash it several times to usually get the pastels off. Consequently, I thought I would try out some roads from Monday Night Productions for the Civil War project. I used the method described on this fantastic blog: The roads come in a light beige color. I dry brushed the beds in a black color and then added flock. I think the result worked well. Now I just have to find a place to store my new road system.

The top two roads are untouched the last road the bed is painted light black. Finally the completed road:

And a test in context I think looks good. I still have to flock the bases for those trees!!!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Project: The first Union figures

I got started with the Union figures this week. I painted the figures in my usual block method which was a nice change from the Confederates. However, some of the caps on the Union figures looked a bit off to me in respect to being a small or even slightly miscast. I was somewhat surprised by this because the ACW is a newly sculpted range. I also never experienced this in the few figures from the old ACW range I painted in the past. This made it a bit difficult to paint the figures. That being said the figures in general look good and I think that when they are finally based will do the job nicely.

I added a few photos of the figures. They look a bit shinny in the pictures because I just used the army painter wash on them. I will dull coat them tomorrow and hopefully they will look right. Also some trees and a few of the millions of Austrians I am constantly working on in the background. I figure you can never have enough trees or enough Austrians!!!