Monday, February 15, 2016

Did some painting

I had a long weekend and it was freezing outside so I spent a good amount of time painting. I worked on a bunch of different stuff which kind of explains why I never get anything finished.

I finally got some of the Eureka miniatures modern Russians and Chechens painted. I wanted to paint these for sometime and really enjoyed working on them. I also put together and painted a Zvezda BTR80 and T72 tanks to go with them. The Zvezda kits are really nice and easy to build.

The buildings in the background are a timecast house and fences (I painted these) and Escenografia Epsilon buildings bought painted. The EE buildings really grew on me. Next I painted some 20mm WW2 Slovaks from Axel miniatures. So I have moderns in 15mm and WW2 in 20mm. I seem to move from 20mm to 15mm periodically in both periods. Not to mention the 6mm stuff.

The next batch is the start of my 10mm WSS French army to fight the Imperialists. These are all 10mm Pendraken figures.

And finally Khurasan miniatures 15mm WWI Germans. I wanted to try these out and while they are fantastic looking figures and were a joy to paint they are really big. I do not think I can use them with my 15mm Peter Pig. I would consider buying more if I knew Khurasan would eventually make Austrians and Italians as well. As of now I may stick to Peter Pig because the range is complete. In one of the photos you can see the size difference between Khurasan and Peter Pig. Eureka are about the same size as Peter Pig so also would not mix.

So a real eclectic mix. Hopefully next update will be a bit more focused. Overall a very enjoyable weekend painting.