Sunday, October 4, 2015

RCW in 15mm

I was playing around with One Hour Wargame Rules the other day and set up some Russian Civil War forces. The Reds hold an important crossroads with mostly volunteers. Reinforcements in the form of the new model Red army is on the way. The Whites have reached an agreement with the local German garrison and are attempting to dislodge the Reds. The figures are 15mm Peter Pig the buildings and trees a mix.

And just for fun a few ECW Fascists.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Austrians and Russians

Today just a few WWI Austrians and Russians in 15mm. The thin Russian line tries to hold the Austrian advance. The figures are all Peter Pig. This project is mostly abandoned for the time being since I have largely moved to 10mm WWI early Austrians and Russians as evidenced by the work space photo.

Monday, June 22, 2015

New Rules and some 10mm

Like most of miniature painters/gamers I have often considered the fact that I game a lot less then I would like. There are a lot of factors that contribute to this but I believe it boils down to often not having the time. This is not a totally bad thing in and of itself in that I have other hobbies and if they take time away from miniature gaming that’s fine since I am also enjoying. I also really enjoy painting figures, even though I am not that good at it, so I find that even if I do not game at least if I paint I think of it as time well spent. That being said I would like to game more, even solo if necessary, consequently I was intrigued by the release of One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas. I bought a copy from Amazon and have since read them over although I have not tried them yet. The rules are very simple and are more or less the same across periods with slight period modifications. I intend to at least give them a try using some homemade period modifications. If they lead to a bit more gaming I will consider the purchase a success.

I did find time a few weeks ago to take some photos of the growing Austro-Prussian War 10mm Pendraken collection. The figures are really fantastic and a joy to paint. The buildings are mostly timecast.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

A new post!!!

 I have been slacking big time on the updates. I have been reading a lot, not confined to military history, and trying to decide on a summer project. Most likely I will try and finish the APW Austrians and Prussians. I was able to snap some pictures of my 6mm Baccus SYW stuff.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Some Adler Prussians and French

I dug out some of my Adler Prussians and French. I have been considering many options for the Napoleonic period but cannot settle on anything. 10mm looks nice but nobody has a range for 1806.
I really like Baccus figures because of ease of painting and basing but was not happy with the figures I ordered a few years ago because most of the bayonets fell off (He has re-sculpted the range so perhaps this is now the answer?). In my opinion the Adler figures are works of art but they are really a pain to base if you want to cut them off the strips which I like to do. The Adler figures are also very fragile. I am constantly reapplying crazy glue to keep the bayonets from falling off. Strangely the Seven Years War Adler figures I have seem to be more durable.

So for the time being I will continue to deliberate. I still have those 10mm 1866 Austrians to finish!!!