Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter War

First Happy Newyear to everyone. Amazing that it is 2013 already 2012 just flew by. Despite the lack of updates I have actually been painting a great deal especially the last few months. I am still in a bit of a winter theme and have continued plugging along with the 15mm and 6mm WWII winter stuff. I also finally read the Guns of August and this got me painting a few of the 15mm WWI Belgians and British I had laying around.

The pictures are a display of some of the 6mm Winter War stuff I have been working on. All the tanks are GHQ and infantry are adler. I used WWII Germans (africa korps with hats and regular infantry for helmets), for the fins. GHQ has come out with some finish infantry and at some point I may add some to the mix. As of now my fins look a bit more suited for the continuation war but they will do for the time being. The few houses are timecast and the trees are from a mix of manufacturers, I really can't remember which ones. I made the pond myself from an old magnetic sheet.

The battle is supposed to be a Soviet patrol over one of the few passable roads. The Soviets have neglected to bring infantry and finish forces have slipped into their ranks.