Thursday, August 23, 2012

Show of force?

Photos of San Bernadinian infantry and artillery on maneuvers on the Grandino mountain range overlooking Costa Soneblen territory. Following the political upheaval in Costa Soneblo, and discovery of mineral deposits, the San Bernadinian parliament has stated that they will take any and all steps necessary "to safeguard national interests".

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

San Bernadino Infantry

The San Bernadinian army has been in a state of flux following the ouster of the governing junta and the implementation of parliamentary government. Although Parliament as a body is to govern military regulations under the constitution practically local commanders and the United Freedom Party (UFP), have dominated supply to front line units and regional trade rights. Modern influence in dress is starting to be seen in the rank and file however, the  uniform is still very much based on the WWI British model. The soldier pictured is turned out in an older version of the standard uniform. He wears a more rigid style cap than the "field cap"often worn by units serving away from the capital and is pictured with heavy kit often not seen outside the major interior cities (where it is incidentally less needed), due to practicality of climate and logistical problems. Helmets vary and are seldom worn. The white stars on this soldiers color identify him as a member of the interior guards regiment.