Friday, September 16, 2011

Trees, Italians and waisting time.

Finally back to posting sorry about the hiatus. I was actually working non stop for about three weeks, 14 hour days, but that's over and good since I now have some extra cash for miniatures. I already made a purchase for some WWII figures from Adler and took advantage of the GHQ sale at the start of the month.

Last weekend I did have some time to work on some trees from Woodland Scenic and finally paint the 15mm Eureka WWI Italians. The trees were not that difficult to put together however, do to my impatience I used way to much glue and now some dried glue is unfortunately visible on some of the trees. I tried to cover this up with limited success. So the trees came out fair usable but not great. The 15mm Italians are great looking figures and as far as I know the only early war 15mm Italians around.