Wednesday, February 16, 2011

6mm Japanese

For some time I have been slowly assembling a small force of 6mm Japanese. I have been using Adler Russian infantry and recently bought some GHQ Japanese vehicles. I want to base this force on Japanese troops fighting in China during the late 30's. At some point I hope to use WWII Germans as Chinese maybe with some Africa Korps for figures in caps. The Russians will be the standard Adler Russians which will have to due even though the helmet is wrong.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Paper Terrain

I like Paper Terrain products. I finally finished the Russian hamlet pack a few months back and recently purchased the Mediterranean hamlet pack pictured above. This weekend I spent a few hours constructing the buildings and although there was some frustration, mainly due to my impatience and lack of artistic ability, I believe the completed buildings are very serviceable despite the numerous defects do to my poor construction ability.

Long story short I would encourage gamers and modelers to consider this product. Even I can put this stuff together somewhat which speaks volumes about the simplicity of building these things. The price is also right, it cost me about $20 for this village. I will base the buildings in the next few days and they will probably see use in my Balkan settings as well in fictional South America and SCW. These buildings could actually even work for Florida.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Italians arrive

Pictures taken from the front of general Braulio arriving as the new commander of Italian forces in the war torn region. Here the general is seen conferring with the newly organized black legion comprised of local volunteers as well as what appear to be troops of the Italian army. Some of the troops appear to be clearing the village. Rumors have spread that Italian forces have begun construction of base camps in cleared villages as well as construction of a small airfield in this sector.
These are some more of the 20mm Axel WWII Italians. Overall these are very nice figures although I did think some of the poses were a bit odd. I may try to add some of the shq Italians to the collection. The Italian force continues to grow and now I have to find some 20mm Italian armor.