Friday, August 21, 2009

I am what I would classify as a fair painter at best. I think the most enjoyable aspect of this hobby for me is the actual assembly of figures on the table. I like the look of a good sized force all laid out. To that end, I usually collect smaller scale figures 6mm and 10mm. I would say my approach to painting is to slap on paint and then base the figures. If they look okay from a few feet away then I am fine with them. That being said I still love the look of well painted figures. I often spend time marveling at the 6mm photos on the GHQ forum or other web pages.

A few months ago I mentioned that I had made and received an order from Reinforcements by post. This week I managed to actually take them out for a good look and snap the above photos. I have to say these figures look amazing. My directions were followed perfectly and they were even based on litko bases like my other 6mm SYW forces. I can not recommend the company enough. I hope to save up some extra cash in the near future to order some more figures from them. The one and only drawback is that these figures put my own poorly painted SYW figures to shame.