Sunday, May 18, 2008

I received the pendraken order last weekend, well part of the order, the 18th century stuff were apparently sent from another location so I am waiting for them to arrive this week. I did receive 1 pack of Franco-Prussian War French Imperial line infantry 1 pack of Franco-Prussian French mounted commanders and 1 pack of WWI Austrian infantry.

Overall these figures look really nice. Once I primed a bunch black the details really came out as you can see from the pictures. They also paint up relatively quickly despite the detail. The French figure pictured took me about 15 minutes and this was a test figure for uniforms and details which always takes me a bit longer then once I get the figures down in assembly line.
As observable from the pictures the Austrian WWI figures seem a little smaller then the Franco Prussian French which have been recently redone. However, actually this is not really the case as the Austrian figures are mostly all hunched down which makes them look shorter and is actually accurate for a WWI figure apparently trying to avoid rifle, artillery or machine gun fire.

I like the figures. So now what? Well I plan to paint the French as fast as I can and base them and buy a bunch more. These are going to look really good en mass. I just can’t wait for the rest of the range to be redone so I can build the Austrians and Danish. I may buy some old Danish anyway just to see what they look like. The only issue I had with the French was the mounted command pack. The figure pose is very nice and paints up well (painted one of them last night), but the problem is ONE pose. The pack contains only one pose and while there is a general staff pack listed in the range I still don’t like the idea of all my lower level mounted commanders looking exactly the same. I will have to mix this up with other packs at some future point. I wish they would vary commanders a bit kind of like the Baccus command packs.

For the Austrians I am not sure. I don’t think I am ready to abandon my 15mm Peter Pig yet. These guys are really a lot smaller then 15mm. Also the poses are okay. Really only one good general infantry pose the others are an officer and a knelling soldier which looks okay but not really sure if he really fits in other then as a unit waiting to attack/advance. The other two poses are clearly of units advancing so this guy does not really fit in. The pack does come with 30 figures and they look easy enough to paint so who knows. I think for the time being because of the lack of poses I will stay with 15mm for Russian Civil War (tons of variety in uniforms and figures with peter pig), and use the 10mm stuff for eastern front WWI. My fictional Austrian Russian War of 1912 will probably be done in 10mm.