Sunday, January 27, 2008

Here is some of my latest work with the GHQ terrain maker system. Some improvement over the early desert terrain hexes. Still having some problems keeping the hexes together and filling out enough clear hexes to maneuver larger bases of figures on the hexes. I think I will have to primarily use them for 6mm micro armor. The figures on the hexes are 6mm Adler infantry and GHQ T34 tanks.

So what’s next? I don’t know. I have really been all over the place painting as of late. I want to finish off the Adler WWII Italians (both desert and European), to fight the French. Then I have to get some tanks for both sides. Also should get back to the Baccus Seven Years War stuff. I have really lost momentum on the British. I really want to paint Prussians and Austrians but will not purchase anymore 6mm figures till the British army pack is done so I at least have two small armies. I really need to just choose two periods one in 6mm and one in 15mm and stay with that for a few months. Okay 15mm Russian Civil War and 6mm Baccus Seven Years War or Adler WWII? I will make my choice by next update.