Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Project: The first Union figures

I got started with the Union figures this week. I painted the figures in my usual block method which was a nice change from the Confederates. However, some of the caps on the Union figures looked a bit off to me in respect to being a small or even slightly miscast. I was somewhat surprised by this because the ACW is a newly sculpted range. I also never experienced this in the few figures from the old ACW range I painted in the past. This made it a bit difficult to paint the figures. That being said the figures in general look good and I think that when they are finally based will do the job nicely.

I added a few photos of the figures. They look a bit shinny in the pictures because I just used the army painter wash on them. I will dull coat them tomorrow and hopefully they will look right. Also some trees and a few of the millions of Austrians I am constantly working on in the background. I figure you can never have enough trees or enough Austrians!!!


Silent said...

They look fabulous my friend! Are they 6mm or 10mm?

lekw said...

Thanks for the comment. They are 10mm Pendraken figures. They were a pain to paint but look really good when finished and based. I should have some finished pictures up soon.