Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What is Butternut anyway?

In getting myself moving on the Civil War project it would have made sense for me to start with the Union. The uniforms are much more uniform than the confederates and in 10mm I could probably get some troops done rather fast. Nonetheless I decided to start with the confederates. So I bought the following from Pendraken:

Growing up I always thought confederates more or less wore grey. Yet researching online shows that it is actually is much more complicated. Grey, brown, blue, green and something called butternut!!!

I was thoroughly confused and decided to settle on what I thought looked like my conception of confederates and would translate to 10mm. I went with the following pictures as inspiration:

Also purchased these paints to add to my colors. These are recommended as standard for ACW. So wish me the best. 

Within the next few days I will get started on the figures. Wish me luck!!!

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