Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Project Prep?

My father was a Civil War and American Revolutionary War buff and as a result good portion of our family vacations were spent driving down south to visit American Civil War and Revolutionary War battlefields. My brother used to joke about how we were going on vacation again to look at more tipped canons. Obviously I developed some of my interest in military history from these excursions as well as perusing my fathers book collection. Strangely however, when I started painting miniature toys I never gravitated towards either of these two conflicts. It may have been some over saturation because I always found the wars in Europe to be more exciting.

While I still gear towards the European conflicts some recent YouTube videos and Wargame AAR's have ignited an interest in the American Civil War and Revolutionary War. This video is especially inspiring I was thinking either would be a good project to start this summer and that perhaps by charting my progress on the blog I could actually stick to it and have something done by September. I decided to start with the Civil War. When it came to scale I was split as usual and considered 6mm, 10mm and 15mm. I ended up deciding I would go with Pendraken 10mm because a lot of my stuff is Pendraken, I have some 10mm terrain that could work and I generally really like the look of the Pendraken Civil War range. To get started I decided the first distinct thing about Civil War battlefields is fences and lots of trees. So I got started on these first. I purchased and painted some very nice fences from the Baggage Train and put together some tree bases with trees purchased on ebay. So its a start. Next few days I hope to get started on the figures. So the start:

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