Thursday, June 30, 2016

It was a pain but a start......

I was able to experiment on the first batch of Civil War figures. I have seen some of the newer Pendraken American Civil War figures online and bought a pack or two in the past but this was really a first impression of the range. These figures are really nice and once primed the details really come out. Overall the quality I have learned to expect and appreciate from Pendraken. Here is a picture of the poses from the two Confederate marching packs. As you can see a good variety of poses and good detail on the figures.

I started with the marching figures by putting them on sticks. Now my usual mode of painting 10mm is to try and do batches at a time. I like to keep it to 20-50 figures at a time so I can keep focus and eventually have a finished product. I paint the batches by color blocks. With these guys I immediately ran into the problem that I wanted them to look like confederates, that is less uniform that say 1866 Austrians. I also wanted to experiment with all the grey and brown shades I purchased. Looking back a smart move would have been to develop some kind of system like grey pants every third figure or brown tunic every second. But instead I just kind of went about it randomly. Long story short it took me forever to get a batch done. Added to this the details are great but encourage me to paint them and even more time consuming to fix them when I screwed them up. Every once in a while I stood back and looked at the figures from a distance in order to convince myself that I was not destroying these fantastic figures with my terrible painting skills. Nonetheless after more time than I would like to admit I finished a first batch. All that's left is the Army Painter wash. I hope this will bring out some of the details and somewhat hide the mess I made on these. So next batch should be up soon and this time I am going to create some kind of system.


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