Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Some Prussians and Austrians

I continue to dabble on the outskirts of the Napoleonic period. I think the overall mass of the wars intimidates me. I have several interests that fit into the time frame and have made minor starts and stops throughout the years some of which are evidenced on the blog. In general I am drawn to the revolutionary period, 1806 and the 1809 campaigns. 1809 is the least interest to me so obviously this is the period most covered by manufacturers in 10mm and 6mm scale. This is understandable because I assume it draws the most sales. The question of scale is also an issue. I know I would like to go 10mm or 6mm but seem to go back and forth between. Below are a few pictures of my latest 6mm efforts 1806 Prussians and some 1809 Austrians. As usual no continuity forces from different times that never really fought together or each other.

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