Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fictional Battle

I have been building up some fictional Balkan/Baltic type 15mm stuff for years and finally got a few out on the table. The skirmish is centered around a group of Iron League forces (These are the fascist faction), holding a local village The government responds quickly by sending in local forces and a special guard unit with a nasty surprise for the fascists. 

I tried out triumph of the will rules for this solo skirmish. The buildings are a mix as are the trees. The League forces are all Peter Pig as is the ft-17 and the British infantry. The government reserves are a mix of Eureka Bulgarians and Serbs with helmet. I think all the casts are fantastic except I wish Eureka would make less firing pose figures (for some reason I just don't like firing units), and that Peter Pig would add some variation to the Frikorps pack. 


Silent said...

Great game. love the terrain. And an interesting period!
Thanks for posting.

lekw said...

Thank you so much, I actually love the interwar period so much going on. Glad you like the pictures and thanks for the comment.