Monday, March 19, 2012

Lost my mogo!!!

Well it is gone, or at least left for the last five/six weeks. I was plugging through my lead pile, I was on focus and then nothing. One night became two nights and then my motivation just left. I finally sat down last night and finished a few bags of 10mm Pendraken Russo-Japanese War figures that were in my lead pile. I know it is of track, I wanted to stick with Austro-Prussian 15mm and 6mm WWII, but hey maybe it will get me going again.
The figures themselves paint up very nicely. I asked Leon at Pendraken to include only advancing figures in my Japanese and Russian packs and they very kindly did this for me. If I decide to have more variation in the future I will use WWI Russians and Russo-Turkish War Russians.


Austin said...

Very cool! I have been avoiding buying from Pendraken for a while, but now I think I might give them a second chance.
Great looking miniatures!

lekw said...

Thanks!!! The Pendraken figures are very nice. I did ask for only advancing poses but they did this for me no problem. I have other Pendraken figures on the blog look around and you will find some. I have been very happy with them.