Wednesday, October 26, 2011

RCW Madness

Finally an update!!! I took some of the Russian Civil War stuff out and snapped a few photos of a pivotal part of the battle, the white drive at Red held village. The buildings are mostly paper terrain trees timecast and mat itself is made up of a few rugs I bought at Target. The figures are all Peter Pig and one picture features my fearless White commander waiting for the game to end so I can take him out.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I thought it was about time for a progress update. I expanded the collection in several directions last month. Thanks to the "Daddy's Little Men" Blog I inquired about and purchased the Matchbox Build a Road set off ebay. The set cost me about $15 and I think is well worth the price. Specifically, the set includes several easy to put together paved roads and signs. I believe it will work very well with 15 and 20mm modern urban games.

I have also had my eye on Field Works 15mm urban buildings for some time and finally purchased several of them. I ordered the painted buildings and they arrived within three weeks. The buildings look fantastic and I will definitely order more of them in the future. Again I think these work perfect for 15 and 20mm modern games.

I also made an order to Eureka miniatures USA for some more WWI Italians Serbians and WWII Philippine infantry that I hope to use in my fictional Latin American 1930's armies. I placed the order on a Wednesday and the package actually arrived by Friday!!! I am always amazed at Eureka USA's turnaround rate and cannot recommend the figures or company enough. I am working on painting the Italians and hope to have pictures of all this stuff up shortly.