Thursday, August 11, 2011

15mm SCW

After writing the last post about my 15mm/10mm Spanish Civil War dilemma I ventured onto the miniatures page and found a post noting some new sculpts in the Spanish Civil War range. This is a very interesting development, aside from making my choice of scale more difficult, as the range is well done however, several of the sculpts are older and could use a recasting. I hope that the new figures are the start of several new additions to the range. I would love to see some CTV.

Above most of my SCW nationalists. They consist in majority of a Moroccan force. I have the foreign legion still in their bags from Peter Pig but they will be added shortly. As a note the tanks are from QRF and Peter Pig and the buildings from a company called Monday night productions.

Monday, August 8, 2011

15mm 10mm?

I am back from vacation and slowly settling back into real life. I hope that I will have some additional free time the next few weeks and as a result will be able to stop neglecting the blog.
Back to miniature related thoughts my indecisiveness has crept up again and I have begun alternating between the idea of continuing the 15mm banana wars project in that scale or moving to 10mm. The 10mm thoughts are mostly motivated by Pendrakens new Spanish Civil War line. The figures themselves look very nice and my understanding is that the new packs are composed of figures in several poses unlike some of the one pose packs that soured me on the WWI line. I even went so far as to order and paint some of the pendraken figures.
Obviously there are pluses and minuses with each option. I hope to settle on a choice shortly and expend my energy painting rather then browsing 10mm and 15mm web pages and pictures.