Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Disappointing news posted on the Miniatures Page that apparently Khurasan miniatures has temporarily suspended operations. The good news is that they assure that this is only temporary and that they will shortly be up and running again.
In my limited dealings with Khurasan they are a fantastic company, my order arrived within days of being placed. The figures are also fantastic and the company produces some stuff for lesser known conflicts which I am always on the lookout for.
I guess the expansion of my Bolivians will have to wait. Lets hope they will be back up shortly and when they are back I hope to place a larger order and give them my support.

Friday, June 17, 2011

More Modern Middle East

I tried my hand at painting some Jordinians in 15mm. These are Peter Pig WWII British infantry figures. I also have a few SHQ armored cars for them. I think they look the part at least 67 to the 80's.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

more modern 15mm

Sometimes figures themselves get me into a period, well more interested, or at the least interested in buying and painting the figures. The Peter Pig modern Israeli figures along with the Lebanon blog linked below pushed me over the edge in this case and I just had to paint these figures.

They were a joy to paint and I think came out very well. I used primarily the Russian WWII green color which I think matches Israeli uniforms I have seen (well some of them in real life these look all kinds of colors not to mention the tanks which I have personally seen from light green to a yellow tan).

I am not sure I will ever even use these figures for anything but they are nice. Anyone looking into the period should consider them. One note, they are defiantly geared to +1982 so if wanting to do earlier periods you can use some of the figures, I bought the Israeli's with ak47 just in case, but probably should look into other figures available.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Things are heating up

Images from the capital of Costa Sonedlo today as forces loyal to Parliament erect barricades. Several ministers have fled to the South as Parliament has declared marshal law. Reports have circulated that militias are being formed under the commands of several officers with the apparent intent of marching north to crush what is being called the "generals rebellion".