Friday, May 27, 2011

SYW dustup

Was able to get the Seven Years War armies out for some fun a few weeks ago. British Prussians vs. Austrians. Did not get to finish but did have a chance to snap some pictures. Game was on the basement floor so ignore the shoes in the background and enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Austrian maneuvers lets say sometime around 1913. My obsession with Austrian armies continues as the 15mm Austrian army keeps slowly growing. These are all Peter Pig figures which I can not recommend enough. I used a shadow blue color for the uniforms which is consistent with color plates in the Osprey book and others I have found online of early WWI Austrian uniforms.

I also have a fair amount of early WWI Russians painted and some Eureka Italians. At some point I will have to get a solo battle going.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Government in Costa Soneblo?

This afternoon General Ramon Mendoza a career military officer made the following statement:
Due to the continuing inability of Parliament to form a legitimate government in the face of continuous internal and external threat I take upon myself the mantle of leadership and hereby call on all nationalistic members of the armed forces to join with me and defend our homeland.
General Mendoza in his capacity as military commander of the Northern district holds actual control of that mineral rich area of the country. Light fighting has been reported to have followed the generals announcement as garrisons loyal to the general and forces loyal to Parliament clash.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Polish Army in France

As followers of the blog are aware I like Peter Pig figures and have an interest in WWI especially the Eastern Front. Some of the first figures I painted in this scale were a mix of Peter Pig figures in an attempt to model the Polish Army during the Russo-Polish War.

Recently I purchased a few more of the Peter Pig specific Polish range figures to expand on the figures I had painted for the Blue Army that fought against the Soviets. These figure casts are modeled after Polish troops that fought in France, which is an interesting force itself, but work okay for the new model Polish forces.

I went with a sky blue type of color and mixed in a few Spanish Civil War figures with adrian helmets. I have found it almost impossible to obtain clear uniform information on this force so I have left a lot of the figures plain. I think they will pass well for scenarios in France and in the East during the post war period.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Going Modern

Something a little different these are 15mm Peter Pig Vietnam figures. I have had these for years but recently repainted and based them. These figures can are from the Vietnam range but will likely be used when I bring my fictional South Americans to the 60's-70's. These guys will be perfect for American intervention forces in the region.

Still plugging away at the Spanish Civil War stuff and will probably have some updates to the 1930's story line and pictures up shortly.