Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Parliament Responds!!!

Cables out of Costa Soneblo today gave word of Parliaments response to the crisis caused by the threatened return of the monarchy and declaration of support in areas of the South. Several parliamentary members (pictured above), have declared a state of emergency and the establishment of the Second Costa Soneblan Republic. A new constitution has been commissioned with the stated goal of establishing a liberal democracy. Representative Eva Calderon gave the following statement: "The move by the monarchy is obviously a grab by forces of reaction to claim the new found wealth located in the North of the Republic from its rightful owners, namely the workers of Costa Soneblo. Any return by the monarchy, or support for the forces of reaction will be met with combined force of the people of Costa Soneblo."

Independent reports note that voices of decent were apparently voiced as well. Several members of parliament noted that a vote of government was never conducted nor was a vote commissioning the establishment of a new constitution. An unidentified member of the house is quoted as stating (that), "this is simply a grab for power by several members of the body. They have no legitimacy and we oppose this move." It is unclear how events will transpire.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chaco War

I finally finished (apart from flocking the bases), the Chaco War Bolivians. I think the figures themselves turned out very nice even though my poor painting skills do not do them justice.

The third photo shows the figures next to a base of Eureka Bulgarians painted for my fictional South American army. I included this picture just to show a comparison of the figures. I think they can work well together although the Chaco War figures are a bit more "beefy" and for lack of a better word a bit cartoonish in my opinion. This is not a problem for me and I think they painted up nicely. The one figure I do have a problem with is the officer. I think his cap was sculpted a bit to big and he looks odd in my opinion. You can see what I mean if you enlarge picture one. In the future I may just substitute Eureka Bulgarian officers.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finally Back

Well its been a long unintended vacation from blogging and I apologize for the lack of updates. I do have legitimate excuses I was terribly under the weather for about two weeks with what I believe were extreme allergies and poor reaction to allergy medication. Then my great aunt passed away and I had the inevitable influx of family into NY for the funeral.

A bit about my great aunt. She was a real giant born sometime around 1913-1915 in Poland (she always lied about the age at the funeral they said she was 100). Her father shot his foot in order to be released from the Russian Army in 1914 and shortly after moved to America. Funny because on the other side of the eventual family my great uncle was fighting for Austria Hungary.

A few years later the family home in Poland was burned down by what she described as Cossacks and her and her mother were forced to depend on the charity of neighbors. Eventually they were able to migrate to the US around 1920. She arrived in Grand Central Station met her father, who she obviously did not remember and moved into his tenement apartment in Brooklyn. There they lived and the family purchased a grocery store. She herself became a bookkeeper and in WWII served as a neighborhood air raid Marshall.

A few years ago she reluctantly moved to an assisted living facility in New Jersey next to her daughter. She saw her family for passover the night before she died and did mention that she had a dream that her sister and brother in law (my grandfather and grandmother both deceased), came to visit her the previous night. She went to sleep that evening and passed away. She is survived by two children four grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. I always called her and thought of her as a second grandmother and although I will miss her greatly can say she lived a full life and died on her own terms the same way she lived. (she eventually got her drivers licence at age 85).

So there you have it a full life. As for miniatures I am still working on the Bolivians for the Chaco War and hope things get back to normal so I can get some serious painting done this weekend. I promise more pictures and miniature related updates within the next few days.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Khurasan Miniatures arrives!!!!

I made the order to Khurasan miniatures on Wednesday and the figures arrived this morning!!! Talk about quick turnaround. The order was simple, one pack of Bolivians and one pack of Paraguayans. I took the figures out cleaned off the flash and snapped the pictures above. First impression, very good. The figures are clean, have a good deal of character and look comparable in size to the Peter Pig and Eureka. I am going to try and get a few painted and perhaps even based this weekend at which point I will add some pictures of the completed figures. Now I need some Vickers tanks.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

South for Sancho?

Representatives from several Southern enclaves have declared a provisional government under the control of king Sancho. Sancho who was raised in the more traditional agricultural south traditionally enjoyed support in several of these regions. For the time being there has been no reply from either the republican government or Sancho himself. This is the setting for my 1930's South American or Balkan war campaign. Events will continue until I have several factions fighting for control of the country and Northern oil and mineral region. Thinking something like a mix of Spanish Civil War and Chaco War. I am still painting forces which consist primarily of Peter Pig Spanish Civil War figures and a mix of Eureka miniatures. And I have noticed that the new Chaco War figures are out in 15mm and I think these will fit in nicely.