Thursday, December 1, 2011

Random Update

Only one random picture today. I saw this picture of my Grandfather in my Grandmothers apartment as a little kid and always thought maybe I had imagined it. I was shocked about four months ago when I found a copy of it hanging in my Uncles office. He had no idea where the original was and would not part with his copy so I had him scan it. I then printed and framed. So I at least have a copy of it. My Grandfather was probably about 17 when the picture was taken. The note on the bottom reads Grandfather Shlomo in the Polish Army 1935.

Now back to business, well toys that is. So what have I been doing? I have been painting a lot and buying to much with no real plan or purpose. Looking at my desk I see 20mm Hungarians (my two year old nephew came over last week and destroyed most of these so they have to be repainted and based my brother was like well looks like he likes your toys), a bunch of 6mm Adler Seven Years War that I am painting as an imaginary army, some 6mm Adler Seven Years War Prussian and Austrian artillery I plan to add to the existing armies and a mess of GHQ WWII German and Italian vehicles. My hope is to use most of the GHQ stuff for planed Hungarian and Slovak force three days war style. Thinking about some of the Germans as Chinese to fight my Japanese. I have also realized I have been reading like crazy last few months mostly Cold War histories. If anyone is into books on tape I bought and have been listening to The Rise and Fall of the Third Rich by William Shirer which is amazing. I tend to put my headphones on when I go for walks with the dog and he is now going out like six times a day.

As usual no real armies just painting a bunch of stuff. I am also starting to look at my old Volley and Bayonet rules again and may try a solo game with my Seven Years War stuff. At some point I will take pictures of some of this stuff and post. Let me know if anyone wants to see anything in particular.

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