Sunday, May 15, 2011

Polish Army in France

As followers of the blog are aware I like Peter Pig figures and have an interest in WWI especially the Eastern Front. Some of the first figures I painted in this scale were a mix of Peter Pig figures in an attempt to model the Polish Army during the Russo-Polish War.

Recently I purchased a few more of the Peter Pig specific Polish range figures to expand on the figures I had painted for the Blue Army that fought against the Soviets. These figure casts are modeled after Polish troops that fought in France, which is an interesting force itself, but work okay for the new model Polish forces.

I went with a sky blue type of color and mixed in a few Spanish Civil War figures with adrian helmets. I have found it almost impossible to obtain clear uniform information on this force so I have left a lot of the figures plain. I think they will pass well for scenarios in France and in the East during the post war period.

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