Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chaco War

I finally finished (apart from flocking the bases), the Chaco War Bolivians. I think the figures themselves turned out very nice even though my poor painting skills do not do them justice.

The third photo shows the figures next to a base of Eureka Bulgarians painted for my fictional South American army. I included this picture just to show a comparison of the figures. I think they can work well together although the Chaco War figures are a bit more "beefy" and for lack of a better word a bit cartoonish in my opinion. This is not a problem for me and I think they painted up nicely. The one figure I do have a problem with is the officer. I think his cap was sculpted a bit to big and he looks odd in my opinion. You can see what I mean if you enlarge picture one. In the future I may just substitute Eureka Bulgarian officers.


SteelonSand said...

Looking very good - I wouldn't worry about the size of the officer's cap - I remember all those Soviet era ones you would glimpse in news coverage of May Day or Patriotic War Victory parades - it seemed the more senior the officer, the bigger the hat!

Maybe you could nickname this guy 'El Grande'!

lekw said...

Interesting take on the hat. Not sure maybe it will grow on me? I flocked the bases last night and do think the figures look nice. Now I need to get started with the Paraguyans.