Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crisis in the Balkans

Some pictures of the French and Italians in action. The French are SHQ 20mm while the Italians are Bandara 20mm figures. The village is from paper terrain. If you look to close, aside from my poor painting on the figures, you will also see all the errors I made in putting together the village. Patience is not one of my virtues and with this village I worked fast. I actually built a lot of it in about an hour with a second hour spent basing and flocking. Nonetheless, although far from perfect I think the village looks fine and will work well. Although it is 15mm scale I think it can work okay if not perfect for the WWII 20mm as well as the 15mm Russian Civil War stuff.

The figures themselves are all great and easy to paint. The Italians were bought from Liberation miniatures and I think look very nice.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Crisis in the Balkans?

For some time I have contemplated the idea of a hypothetical war between France and Italy during the late 1930's. It would give me a chance to use some of the lesser used WWII forces plus all of those cool 1930's tanks and guns. Tensions were definitely high between the two nations throughout much of the 30's although the idea of Mussolini taking on one of the big European powers on his own at this time is somewhat implausible. I thought of the idea of an African conflict but decided I wanted a somewhat European type setting.

I finally thought up the idea of setting this thing in Yugoslavia. With some creative licence it could work. We know that throughout the 30's Mussolini fomented tensions from time to time in Yugoslavia by backing Croatian nationalists. So what if some mess occurs in Yugoslavia and some Croatian groups are in open rebellion. Mussolini sends in some "volunteers" to test Italian fighting mettle. They subsequently take a bloody nose in some clashes with the Yugoslav army. Now in order to save face Mussolini is forced to send in a serious force "to protect the Croatian people". The French political scene is somewhat more adventurous then historically and sends its own mission to protect their Yugoslav allies.

So there we go. Again not historical, or probably even plausible but fun wargame setting nonetheless. This conflict would seemingly set up interesting tactical situations for both sides. The Italian infantry would probably be more aggressive however, would seem to have no answer to French tanks. On the other hand the Italians would probably have the advantage in the air.

To start I have a paper terrain Russian village I have been working on which can kind of work for parts of Yugoslavia. I also have some SHQ French and finally painted some Bandera Italians I had laying in a box for about a year. Who knows at some point I may even add some partisans, or if I can find some 20mm WWI Serbs, to act as Yugoslav army.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My newest fad 20mm early WWII.