Sunday, August 15, 2010

I finally sat down this weekend and got the Reinforcements by Post 6mm SYW Prussian Army based and ready to go. I even took some pictures. I can not recommend Reinforcements by Post enough they are easy to deal with, will work to customize orders and, as can be clearly seen from the photos, produce a great product. The also seem like really nice people.
The figures are going to form the base for my SYW Prussian Army. I hope to expand on this force as I plan for the Prussians to eventually be my largest period force, although I have to admit I would much rather paint good and just French and Austrians then evil Prussians. Nonetheless the first step is to add some generals as the starter army does not include any. I think I may have an Adler figure for the Prussian king himself that I may add. I also think I have some unpainted artillery someplace so will have to dig them up and get them painted and based. Then an order to baccus as I will need more infantry.
Aside from miniatures I recently finished A Game of Thrones which is the first book in the a Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin. I thought the story was fantastic and highly recommend the book. I am going to try and grab the other books of the series off Amazon this week.


SteelonSand said...

Nice! Now they look like battalions and regiments en masse - keep up the good work.

lekw said...

Thank you so much great to see comments you seem to be my best fan.

The figures came out really well. I painted a few generals to add to the army last night and hope to get some extra artillery and wagon carts done by next week. Then I will have to make an order for more infantry.

Happy you enjoyed the pics, and please keep comments coming great to get feedback.

David said...

Beautifully done! :-) I'm impressed how much detail you manage to paint on such small figures.