Friday, June 26, 2009

10mm madness!!!

Since painting and basing the 10mm Austrians which were the subject of my last post I decided I like them!!! In fact I like them a lot. So I naturally went online and purchased a bunch more as well as a bunch of Russians for them to fight.

Good thing is I have been painting the Austrians like crazy (have done about 100 of them), and have even started on some of the Russians. Bad thing is I ran out of bases and now have to wait the inevitable month for litko to send my order of bases out. Once I do receive the bases I should have a sizable force of Austrians ready to go.

Now as I mentioned I like these figures but, I specifically like how they look en mass and based up. The only real problem I have are the poses. Both the Austrians and Russian packs come in 3 poses. The Austrians have one good pose guy bending down and advancing. One I would say almost useless pose guy on one knee and a very nice Commander advancing with pistol drawn. The Russians are worse. The advancing infantry pose has no bayonet which would have been really nice on an advancing figure. As is the pose just looks a bit odd. The second pose is on one knee like the Austrian however with a very nice bayonet. I have no idea what to do with these guys. The last pose is a nice looking commander.

The whole is better then the parts:
Okay so I do not love the poses. Nonetheless like I said I still like the figures. I put the kneeling figures in with the advancing figures and just based them. Nice, not great but from a few feet away looks like a mass of figures advancing. So I have the look I am going for. Now I have read that Magister militron will be doing WWI Eastern Front at some point so who knows maybe when these come out I will take a look and supplement the Pendraken figures.