Friday, May 29, 2009

Since the last post I completed the 6mm GHQ rebasing project. I also painted several more liberation miniatures 20mm modern figures. Mostly some soviet types as Iraqis and Eastern European Balkan types. I also received the Reinforcements by post order. The figures are very nice. The only thing I am not used to is that the rows infantry are based very close together which is a bit different then how I have based my figures. I think I like the farther apart look a bit better. Once I find the time to attach the flags to the bare poles I will post some pictures of the new Austrian force. My collection now consists of the French, British and Austrians. Next up I am going to paint tons of Russians myself and save money to eventually buy painted Prussians, probably a huge force, maybe double the Austrians. I think with the Prussians I will request that the rows of figures be based a bit apart.

I have also been playing around with 10mm WWI figures. I have a few packs from pendraken and have started painting and basing the Austrians. Although not as detailed as the 15mm figures it is much easier to paint and assemble a sizable force in 10mm. I am not sure I will buy more 10mm WWI but I do think these are nice figures. I have posted some pictures above. Also pictured are photos of 1919-20’s reds in 10mm. I think 15mm is probably better for forces like the Reds and Whites which are not as uniform. I would need to add many other packs into the 10mm Reds bases to have the variation which red units of the period had. I did try to vary the uniforms a bit. I think the more uniformed Austrians look great in mass even better then my 15mm Austrians.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I have had some progress with the massive GHQ rebasing project. I would say I am about 90% done. I still have no idea what I am going to do with these figures as I have relatively small forces done and very few tanks. I love the GHQ tanks and APCs but they are just so expensive!!! At a time I used Navwar but the GHQ are just so much nicer and fun to paint. I am going to try and organize the infantry into some kind of army or at least theater. From what I have put together at this point I have small forces for the following that I may try to build on:

1) Modern Africa (FFL, Rebels, Fictional government troops, Cubans)
Need: American backed government troops, Mercenaries, Russian advisors, South Africans, many more tanks APC’s).

2) Balkans/E.Europe (Soviets, Serb/Croatian mix, Muslim fighters, UN, British).
Need: More Serb and Croatians and UN.

3) South America (Fictional Russian backed, Cubans, Dutch Europeans, 1960’s US)
Need: More tanks, American backed government troops, more Europeans).

4) Middle East (Egyptians, Iraqis, Jordanians, Muslim fighters, Syrians)
Need: More tanks, Iranians.

5) Vietnam (some French for 1st war and some Americans)
Need: If I decide to do this more Americans and N. Vietnamese and NVA

Basically I have to choose one of these options and go with it. I will probably end up going with 1 or 3. Above are some pictures of the rebased troops. Mostly the Africans, rebel forces and Soviet backed government troops.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I suspect like most miniature painters/gamers at times I look at figures I painted and based a few years ago and think how I can improve on them or rebase them to my current standard. Also, I suspect, like most painters/gamers I do not enjoy the actual process of rebasing. In some respect I would almost rather buying new figures. I have two big rebasing projects I have put off for about a year. This weekend I decided to finally get started with one. I am going to rebase the GHQ modern infantry figures I painted and based about two years ago to conform with my current GHQ figures which I think look much better and are based more or less for cold war commander. Above are some of the figures mostly modern African forces getting soaked Friday night and initial steps of rebasing on Sunday.