Thursday, June 26, 2008

A few pictures of my recent painting. I am getting into the 6mm Baccus Napoleonic’s and painted the entire pack of Prussians which made two nice looking bases. I put these together in line formation seeing as how the early period Prussians would probably look nice in older formations. My French will be based in column while the Austrians (finished first base last night) will be a mix. I kind of want the stuff to look something like the massed formations on this page:

Problem is I am still tempted by other Napoleonic figures. I took out a bunch of my 6mm Adlers the other night and. these are just such cool looking figures. Problem is I have based and rebased them many times and just can’t find the right look when they are based. They are also not in strips (or close strips), like the Baccus figures and to hard to deal with individually, a real pain to base. Who knows I could see myself buying some more Adler anyway. They make early Prussians so why not. As a note the newer baccus casts like the Prussians pictured are very nice. I was surprised how nice they look from a farther distance such as the bases posted.

As you can see I am also working on rebasing the ancients looking for a real mass look. This is an ongoing thing. I seem to get into it then think I should switch to Baccus ancients or 10mm. This page seems to always pump me up. This guy does amazing stuff with the heroics and ros figures. Really shows what can be done with massed basing. In general his page has kept me using heroics and ros for many years as I vainly try to imitate what he has done with the figures.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Got the camera and some of the figures out of boxes last night and took some admittedly poor pictures. I still do not have much light in the basement so these are rather dark but I hope to get some lamps down there shortly and post some better pictures in the future. These are the 10mm Pendraken War of Spanish Succession and Franco-Prussian War French.

In all as per my previous post these are very nice figures. I kind of like the proportions of the GHQ 10mm a bit better, and the poses are better as well, but GHQ are out of my price range at the moment and don’t have complete ranges in 10mm so for the time being they are out. Pendraken have a very large range, and I hope to buy more once I get a painting area set up in the new house. My one and only big complaint with these figures in the lack of poses. Although this is fine for the Spanish Succession stuff for the 19th century I would have liked to see more then two pose variations for the French line infantry even if some are just subtle differences like GHQ figures.

So what’s to come. Not working on much as I am still trying to settle in at my new place. I have a pile of stuff I bought before I moved so I hope to get at least some of it painted shortly. These include the 10mm WWI Austrians and a bunch of 6mm Seven Years War cavalry and Artillery for the still expanding British army and German allies. Also took the plunge and bought some 6mm baccus Napoleonic. I see a deep dark hole and mountains of lead in my future.