Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A few new shots of the Baccus stuff. I think the armies are coming together very well. A look at both armies on the mat however makes it obvious that I need more artillery. Right now I have four guns for the British and Two guns for the French (two light guns as well). I am afraid to make any orders to Baccus because of my lack of will power. I know that before I know it I will have placed an order for some Seven Years War artillery a few grenadiers and then something like a Russian army pack (still on target though not needed yet), A bunch of WSS stuff (off target), and a French Franco Prussian War army pack, French Napoleonic army pack, some siege guns, a bunch of flags, some War of the Roses figures, and well you see what I mean. So the artillery will have to wait until I finish off the remaining British cavalry and a bunch of the Adler WWII stuff.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Since February is over I am no longer restricted to my resolution to paint only 6mm Baccus Seven Years War or 15mm Russian Civil War. So I changed gear and finished the 10mm Prussian pack and the artillery. I think these look very nice. I also really like the casualty marker I made which is visible in the pictures. I am still looking for alternatives to the GHQ range but nothing strikes me as on par with these figures. I thought about Baccus 6mm and am rebasing the few Adler Napoleonic I have but think I like the GHQ stuff more. I really would rather use something else as the range is limited and expensive. The figures do look great however, and I am thinking of getting some more.

I also painted some more 6mm Adler WWII Russians the other night. These are nice because they are fast to paint (basically one color, a gun and some skin tone). I actually spend much more time getting the bases ready then painting the figures. I plan to use the Russians to fight the Spanish, Italians, German mountain division and Fins which I intend to build using WWII Germans and Afrika Korps packs.

Other then that I have been good and have not ordered anything new. I really need some more bases for the Seven Year War and modern stuff. I am going to try and continue my resolution and finish off as much of the British Army as I can till the 15th. Then I think I am going to switch to WWII stuff in 6mm.