Friday, February 29, 2008

I am still moving along with the February painting resolution. Last night I put the final touches on some German allies for the British (still need to paint the flags), and some Peter Pig priests and nuns for the Russian Civil War and Russo-Polish war. I saved a few of them for the Spanish Civil War as well.

So it is the last day of February and I don’t think I will have time to do any painting tonight. I have stuck to the resolution to a greater extent then I thought and that is a good thing. Yet I did not paint that much this month. Honestly I am mostly to tired after work so I either watch TV or I play Steel Panthers WW2 windows and Steel Panthers Modern Battles for windows both of which I have recently reinstalled, and still get some fun out of now and again. I seem to like the WWII game a bit better don’t really know why. I have also been playing some NBA live 2008 which is a poor representation of basketball but a fun game to mess around with (go Celtics).

I also finished reading Chechnya Calamity in the Balkans by Carlotta Gall and Thomas de Waal. An interesting book about a terrible conflict although I thought the authors had a very anti-Russian viewpoint. That is the Russians really come off as the bad guys, while the terrorist tactics of the Chechians are explained as a reaction to Russian brutality. The book is also outdated, but still a very interesting read.

So what am I going to do miniature wise. Well I am going to extend my resolution till the 10th of March. This way hopefully I finish off the British and get whatever Russian Civil War stuff I can get done finished. I really need a new order to Peter Pig for more figures. Hopefully by the 10th I can get some money together then on to WWII Adler I think until the order comes in.