Sunday, July 13, 2008

Some new pictures this time the Franco-Prussian War 10mm French from Pendraken. I really like how these first two line bases and the commander came out. I have a pack of Zouaves and artillery which I can’t wait to paint and add to the force. I am trying to follow a plan with these and build a modest sized French army (probably will finish this in ten years given all the other stuff I am painting), before moving on to Prussians/Italians/Austrians. The hope is that by the time I finish painting French Pendraken will have redone the other armies in the range. Looking forward most to the Austrians.

I was rather surprised Friday when I got home from work and found a big package containing my Bacuss order. The package arrived from Baccus US distributor in less then a week!! My first impression was hey that was fast and that I went a bit nuts and ordered to much. I then reasoned that I would have bought the stuff anyway in different orders so I saved myself on shipping and as long as I get it all painted well then it would make sense. So I got to painting, did a bunch this weekend mostly the ancient packs consisting of one base of Pike Phalanx and some Roman Legionaries. Hope to get the bases flocked as soon as possible so I can decide for certain how much I like the look. Then I want to paint the Napoleonics (tentative date by next weekend?), which I am excited about. The stuff looks really good, and I hope to have the start of a good sized Austrian force shortly.

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