Tuesday, December 11, 2007

These are pictures of some Adler 6mm WW2 French infantry and cavalry. I particularly like the cavalry figures. The horses are very good and well animated. I have this running idea in my mind for a French/Italian late 1930's conflict in Yugoslavia following a Yugoslav civil war. I have some Italians painted as well and hope to at some point get some tanks done as well.

Well I took the plunge and bought some of the GHQ terrain maker product. Placed the order last Thursday and it arrived yesterday. I played around with it a bit last night, instead of posting more pictures, and formed some initial impressions.

1) The hexes are small. Yea I knew how small they were before I bought them but in pictures on the web they looked larger for some reason. So the natural conclusion is that I will need a lot of them. A second conclusion I reached is that I have to resist the temptation to put to much detail onto each hex. As I intend to use them for several periods I need room for my larger bases for periods like Seven Years War, as well as the smaller modern bases. Since the hexes themselves represent small areas although several will be roads, forests and streams many will have to be plain clearings and fields as well. So to make a long story short if I use them I will need a lot of them.

2) They can look very nice. With some work even with my poor artistic ability these things have great potential. The few test bases I did look very nice. I built a road, stream and forest base which all look good especially for only a few hours of effort.

3) I may need to glue several together. This is both a consequence of them being small and the fact that I need to form some kind of plan almost general map of what I am building. They also do move apart if not careful so gluing a few together into a bigger hex would help. In general I hope to build something resembling Eastern Europe with some hills and primarily flat land. I also want a coast that I can add on for an amphibious invasion just because I think that would look really cool.

So those are my impressions at least initially. I will post some pictures of my progress with this stuff shortly.