Friday, September 7, 2007

What is this all about?

So I guess this should be the first question or start of the blog. In general I hope this blog will be about Wargaming or playing with and painting toy soldiers. This is my hobby and as I have often found inspiration from other web pages devoted to this topic I hope this will be my small contribution. A warning I may also interject some thoughts on books I am reading, topics I am thinking about, history or even some politics. A place to put down some things on my mind. But in general I hope it will concentrate on my Wargaming hobby.

When did I start Wargaming and what kind of Wargamer am I?

I am not sure when I started playing with toy soldiers. I know that in elementary school I collected green plastic soldiers and would set them up and have great battles. In high school I started getting really into history and began collecting and painting plastic Napoleonic soldiers. I made up my own rules with some friends and played with them. I also began playing with board games like Diplomacy and Axis and Allies. At this time I also discovered computer Wargames. My favorites were Panzer General, Steel Panthers I and II and probably my favorite Age of Rifles. By college I found DBM and Volley and Bayonet and 6mm figures. I have been collecting and painting and even playing games now and then ever since.
In general these days I would classify myself more of a painter modeler then Wargamer. I like painting armies but rarely have time to play games. I also do not play many computer or board games these days. The last computer Wargame I really got into was Victoria a few years back.

What periods do I paint figures for and what figures do I use?

The fast answer is to many. I have figures in to many scales and to many periods. I am attempting to stream line this so I may actually get some armies done.
I use mostly 6mm figures. I find these ideal as they are cheap, easy to store and when based in mass look really good. My main interests are Renaissance/Medieval period, Seven Years War, 19th Century wars in Europe, and Modern. I also have an interest in the wars of the 1930’s and use Peter Pig 15mm for Russian Civil War, Russo-Polish War 1919-20 and Spanish Civil War.
I am currently painting the following:

- WWII Croatians, Spanish Blue Division, Hungarians, Afrika Korps, French and Italians. All very small squads using Adler WWII figures.

- Seven Years War French using Baccus figures.

- Modern Syrians using GHQ figures.

- Spanish Civil War Republicans using Peter Pig 15mm figures.

Fictional Conflicts and Countries:

I have always had an interest in fictional countries and conflicts. I am hoping to build up the nerve to paint figures for and develop the following:

- 19th Century fictional Burgundian and Swiss armies (6mm heroics and ros 1859 rules)

- A fictional French Italian conflict in 1930’s Yugoslavia (Adler 6mm or 10mm)

- 1930’s fictional South American Country Civil War (15mm Peter Pig)

- Modern fictional African Countries and South American Countries (I have some of this done both in 6mm and 15mm).

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