Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So keeping with the 20/21st century 6mm stuff I am adding some pictures of my GHQ modern British. These are painted in desert uniforms and are meant to be used either in Iraq or Syria.

The background to the Syrian scenario is that some time in the beginning of 2008 a coup takes place in Syria with a radical Muslim government taking control. This government is openly opposed to the United States and tries to create instability in Iraq and attack American interests. With what they feel as no other option the United States and a small force of British invade Syria to topple this regime. Right now I am building the Syrian regular army, insurgents and British using GHQ modern infantry. At some point, probably a longtime from now given my painting speed and ability to stay with one project, I hope to build the US forces and even some Israeli’s to get involved as well.

Why not just game Iraq? Well like WWII a bit to close for comfort. With American troops in Iraq risking their lives I rather game a fictional conflict with elements of what I am looking to game in Iraq but not as close to home.

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