Monday, September 17, 2007

The next few updates will be a bit of a break from my Seven Years War figures and focus on some of the other stuff I have been painting recently. To start World War Two with Adler infantry.

I have tended to steer clear of World War Two in respect to my wargaming/miniature painting hobby. Like most people interested in military history I studied the battles of the Second World War but they always seemed a bit to close to game in miniature. This is odd since I have always had an interest in modern post Second World War miniatures. Part of it was I never really wanted to build WWII Germans because I detest their political ideology. This was reinforced by reports I read of wargamers taking things (what I feel at least), a bit to far and dressing up in SS or Hitler Youth uniforms at conventions and games. Having known people who survived death camps and having heard their first hand accounts this was understandably offensive to me.

Nonetheless recently my interest in World War Two miniatures surfaced. Not sure what it was exactly although I had been reading Churchill’s books about the war which certainly had an influence. So I started looking for figures. I broke down my interests to several theaters/periods:
- 1930's fictional conflicts (minor proxy powers ie: Hungary/Poland)
- Eastern Front 1941-43 (minors against Soviets)
- North Africa (Italy/Germany v. England)

As for figures I have always been more of an infantry guy. I also wanted to stay small preferably 6mm or 10mm. I bought a bunch of both but decided on 6mm when I saw and painted up a bunch of the WWII adler infantry. These just look really cool. I plan to shortly begin building the armor components using GHQ miniatures.

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