Thursday, September 20, 2007

I have long been interested in the between war years roughly between 1918-1939. For some reason these odd less known periods are often more interesting to me then the more popular periods like WWII, Napoleonic etc. Although I have gotten sucked into those periods as well.

I probably first became interested in the Russian Civil War from movies like Dr. Zhivago and learning about the Red revolution in elementary school. I had a teacher who was terrified of the inevitable Communist invasion from Alaska and Canada. I also remember a great young Indiana Jones based on the Russian Revolution. At some point I picked up James A. Michener’s Poland which has an entire chapter on the Russo-Polish War 1919-20. Once I learned about this conflict I was hooked. In college and graduate school I majored in Eastern European History and specifically the Russian Revolution and Civil War. So naturally I began painting figures for this period.

At first I used 6mm converted heroics and ros figures for WWI in the East, Russian Civil War and Russo-Polish War. However, the 6mm figures just did not give me a feel for the uniforms and the period. After viewing pictures on the web of Peter Pigs extensive line for this period I bought in. I now have small forces of Reds (both Civil War and Russo-Polish War), Whites and Polish. All are Peter Pig figures. I like them a great deal and continue to expand on this project.

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