Saturday, September 8, 2007

The French Army of the Seven Years War

I would probably classify the French army of the Seven Years War as underachievers. Certainly this was a different army then the one that served during the War of the Spanish Succession. From the reading I have done it appears that the French army of this period was in a state of change and disagreement. Some advocated a restructuring imitating the Prussian model with emphasis on rate of fire. Others argued that this was against the French natural character and stressed the charge and natural élan of the French soldier. In general by the Seven Years War the French army seems to have been slow, over encumbered with baggage and generally faired poorly against the Prussians and British in Europe.

So why am I building a French Seven Years War army?

Well I just can’t stand the British so arrogant in their red coats. Don’t even get me started on the godless Prussians and their robotic hordes. No the French have character, they have color, are expected to perform poorly, and speak gods language French!!! Well except for the Irish, German and Swiss regiments. I also had painted Prussians and Austrians with Adler figures so decided I should go for an army I had not painted yet.

Baccus figures:

I started out with heroics and ros for this period several years back. Eventually moved to Adler which are nice but a pain to base and paint. They also have an incomplete line and from what I can tell no intention of completing it.
Baccus are based in strips which make them easy to paint and the line is complete and even growing. I have to admit that at first I did not like them, they are very different from Adler. However, after painting and basing them I think they are very nice and after the French are done I have a British army pack waiting to go. I am even considering Baccus late Romans when they come out.
I have been basing my French army on standard Polemus base sizes and hope to use these rules. If not I will bases all sides so I don’t see why I can not use other rules as well. The bases fit exactly three strips of Baccus figures which is very convinent and looks nice. I base six strips three in front three in back per base of infantry. For artillery I base two guns and crew to standard Polemus base. Cavalry use the same infantry size bases but in one rank. I use about seven heavy cavalry and five or six light Cavalry like Hussars to a base.

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