Sunday, September 7, 2014

More WSS

I have been busy as of late but did get a chance to take a few more photos of the WSS Imperialists. I actually managed to paint a few additional regiments not in the photos so hopefully in a few weeks I can get the full growing force together. The army is roughly based around the Italian campaign. All the figures are Pendraken and the houses are timecast.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Imperialist 10mm

I have started, albeit slowly, putting together miniatures for a 10mm Imperialist War of Spanish Succession army. I like them on big bases which unfortunately does not appear the standard for most of the rules I have been looking at. I think the smallest I can game with in 10mm is 40mm x20mm which I based these on. I like the look of three bases representing a regiment so I based them in this fashion although now I have to find rules. This is my representation of the dutchmister regiment. These are all the fantastic figures from Pendraken. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Its been a long time but I am back. I honestly did not paint anything in about a year and had no motivation to. However, within the last few months the motivation has returned aided by some visits to the Metropolitan Wargame Club in Brooklyn. A fantastic group of folks that put on great looking games. I have included some pictures of WWII Flames of War Games I observed at the club. I hope to have some new stuff within the next few weeks.

Friday, August 23, 2013

More South Americans

I have hit a bit of painters block recently. I guess this is for a variety of factors including some construction work being done in my usual painting space. I have several other places to paint and organized kind of a portable painting desk in anticipation of the work starting however, for some reason without all my stuff in one place its been hard to get focused. 

Before the construction started I finished some more South Americans. These are meant to be professionals to compliment my militia force. More or less the new trained regiment led by Communist observers. For uniforms I based these on WWII Thais I figure in 10mm I may be able to use them as Thais one day as well. All figures and trees from Pendraken. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Some more SCW

Back on the saddle finished up a few Italians for my 10mm Spanish Civil War collection. The new Pendraken Spanish Civil War figures are very nice and a lot of useful stuff can be found in some of the other ranges. These Italians in adrian helmet are from the WWI range. The palm trees are also from Pendraken very nice models.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


My obsession with Austrians continues. Fortified with my copy of The Austro-Prussian War by Geoffrey Wawro I am plugging along with 10mm Pendraken Austrians. This is the first bunch using the new basing. I have a bunch more Austrians, Prussians and Danish to go.

Friday, April 19, 2013

6mm Balkan Action

Before forget I found this video a few weeks ago on the battle of Jena and thought it was fantastic I wish this guy would do some more battles amazing work:

Now to the post. The fictional WWII Balkan thing was dragging in 20mm because of my inability to focus on one project so I decided to use the stuff I had in 6mm. Setting the game up had the added benefit of letting me try out a set of WWII rules I have been working on. The situation is that a fictional Balkan country is in the middle of a civil war lets say sometime in 1938. Italy responds by sending in "volunteers" to help one side but these troops are routed in an ambush shortly after arriving. The Duce infuriated sends a massive force to crush the "rebels". In come the French with a somewhat more hawkish government then historically. So the stage is set for the fictional clash.

The battle itself was centered in a valley with both sides looking to occupy a small village and road junction. The Italians had the upper hand at first ambushing the French cavalry and infantry however, French armor eventually appeared and the Italians had no answer. After trying to stop the French tanks the Italians are forced to withdraw. All infantry are Adler and tanks are GHQ. The terrain is just a sheet painted with pastels. I was trying to go for a Greek type of look and I think did okay for a first try (would look better with some Greek type buildings but I do not have any yet so used what looked closest okay not great). The buildings are a mix most bought years ago of ebay. The trees as usual are a mix with a bunch of them from Woodland.